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free gift with purchase

Looking for the perfect holiday surprise for your loved one❓ There is NO BETTER GIFT, than one of a πŸ’ͺ HEALTHY SMILE πŸ˜€ with YEAR long 2019 Smile Spa Membership at Northshore Dental. Receive FREE GIFTS πŸŽ with purchase until Saturday, December 22, 2018. Be a super gifter and call for details: 713-453-7466

D$P - save $1000 or more!

Enjoy the luxury of a private dental office at an affordable cost. If you are a new patient or already enjoy our practice and do not have dental insurance, we have a solution for you! Save hundreds of dollars with our in-house Dental Savings Plan for all your General Dentistry needs. Sign up with on-line application and start saving today! 

2018 Insurance check

Use it! Don't Lose it! We offer a complimentary benefit check for all new and existing patients of Northshore Dental. There is no better time that NOW to have dentistry done, especially if you are concerned about maximizing insurance coverage and not letting a little problem get bigger. Most insurance benefits run on a calendar year. Benefits that are not used DO NOT carry over to the next year! 


181105 Promo.png


November is the time of year to give thanks and we especially appreciate our diligent patients who maintain their smiles in our hygiene department. This commitment greatly reduces the chance of painful dental emergencies and keeps patients healthier with reduction of harmful bacteria that lead to gum disease or tooth loss. Our team makes the call and we want to thank those that answer YES to a clean smile! Come by anytime during business hours to receive gift.


laser teeth whitening!

Whitening is one of the most sought-after cosmetic improvements that patients seek. With a variety of retail and take-home products available, none can achieve the results and immediate impact of in-office whitening.

Research has shown that our laser is capable of delivering 6-12 shades (varies by patient) by interacting with chromophores in the proprietary laser-activated gel to accelerate the in-office whitening procedure.

Six month smiles

Announcing our LIMITED August Patient Appreciation Special for the first 10 Patients ONLY: πŸŒŸ$1000 off 🌟 Six Month Smiles orthodontic treatment‼️ If you've been dreaming of closing unsightly gaps, correcting misaligned teeth or making this a jump start to your smile makeover; now is the time for MAJOR SAVINGS. Apply for Care Credit at to ALSO receive 6 MONTHS NO INTEREST for qualified applicants and make your smile dream come true πŸ˜ƒ Dreams happen at Northshore Dental!

custom teeth night guard

It's the special that saves your smile! Stop teeth grinding that causes excessive wear and protect your crowns from costly damage with a custom night guard. We can unconsciously grind at night and realize too late that teeth are chipped, cracked and dental work is damaged. 


This month's special won't cost you a thing!   We are different by design and our priority is your comfort and quality of care, not our bottom line. We invite you to stop in 15-30 minutes early at your next appointment for a relaxing, anti-anxiety session in our new patient lounge chairs. Patients are LOVING our new zero-gravity chairs. Some have even taken a nap!  Check out our video and photos of relax chair happiness!

Ready to Shop?!

We offer an awesome range of natural oral health and relaxation products. Stop by our front desk to enjoy our buy one get one promotion! While supplies last.

Ready to Relax?!

Want a great way to eliminate dental anxiety? We offer oral sedation also known in our practice as "the 6 pack"! Call us today to schedule necessary repairs to keep your smile beautiful and functional.

EXTENDED Feb pt app spec.png

March pAtient appreciation special

Due to popular demand, we are keeping the love alive! Today is the day to design the smile of your dreams with Northshore Dental. We have the client services and payment options to make this dream happen. Call today and schedule a FREE consultation with our  talented cosmetic associate, Dr. Singh! Offer good through March 31, 2018.

Feb pt app spec REVIEW PLEASE -KB-2.png

february patient appreciation special

There is no better time than this February to think about not only the love of others, but for the love of your smile as well. Today is the day to design the smile of your dreams with Northshore Dental. We have the client services and payment options to make this dream happen. Call today and schedule a FREE consultation with our new team member and talented cosmetic associate, Dr. Singh! Offer good through March 7.

december patient appreciation special

Our practice offers many services beyond the basics. We treat serious condiditons realted to snoring like sleep apnea. If you feel tired after a full night's sleep, receive complaints about your snoring, have a dry throat, fatique, headache, iritability, mood swings or weight gain, please call us for a consultation with our sleep apnea expert. 

2017 Insurance check

Now is best time of the year to have dentistry done, especially if you are concerned about maximizing insurance coverage and securing an appointment as availability becomes limited. Most insurance benefits run on a calendar year. Maximize your benefits almost twofold by having some dental work done now, and the rest in early 2018. Benefits that are not used DO NOT carry over to the next year!  After December 31, you lose any insurance that you did not benefit from. 


Every NEW dental implant patient will receive a Sonicare AirFloss valued at $100! One per patient.

november patient appreciation special

We all know that now is best time of the year to have dentistry done to use up dental benefits and avoid a potential dental emergency on holiday break, but what's really stopping you from getting that prescribed dental repair? If it's anxiety, we have the perfect option to that problem. We like to call it "The Margarita" also known as nitrous oxide. Call us today and learn how to receive this $50 value service at no additional charge.


Don't be scared of your smile; make it beautiful with aligners from Clear Correct. 25% off your entire treatment case for a very limited time until October 31, 2017. Does not include diagnostic session, some restrictions apply.

august patient appreciation special

It's "Back to School" and the perfect time to complete your  tooth wash, buff and shine! Complete your smile maintenance and automatically be entered to win a brand new Apple iPad with Filofax cover. A great tool to begin classes with.

JUly patient appreciation special

Ready to Start or Complete your dental treatment? We are here to help make that happen and want to thank you with a FREE GIFT for your commitment to your health!

JUNE patient appreciation special

Hello Houston! It's sunny 🌞 out there; shouldn't your smile be sunny too?? Check out our June Patient Appreciation Special. Hurry - offer expires June 30th. Some restrictions apply.

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