Soft-Tissue Laser Therapy in East Houston

The thought of oral surgery and periodontal care may seem daunting. Laser dentistry utilizes a highly-focused beam of light to perform a wide variety of treatments and procedures. Laser therapy can be used in place of more invasive surgical procedures for more comfortable, efficient, and cost-effective treatment for our patients.

Soft tissue laser therapy in East Houston
East Houston Soft tissue laser therapy

Why Should I Get Soft-Tissue Laser Therapy?

Soft-tissue lasers are more gentle, less invasive, and help you recover faster than traditional dental tools like scalpels. Thanks to our investment in modern laser tools, our dentists can provide faster, simpler, and more precise treatment for our patients. Get in touch with us to learn more about the benefits of soft-tissue laser therapy today.

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The first dental laser was approved by the FDA in 1990, and was a soft tissue laser primarily used for periodontal (gum) treatment.

The Benefits of Soft-Tissue Laser Therapy

Improved Accuracy & Precision

Laser tools use extremely focused, precise beams of light to remove soft tissue from the gums, cheeks, and other areas of the mouth. They're much more precise than traditional tools, like scalpels, which enhances overall patient outcomes.

Dramatically Reduced Pain & Bleeding

The extremely high heat of soft tissue lasers cauterizes (seals) tissue, blood vessels, and nerve endings on contact. This means that soft tissue laser treatments are virtually pain-free, and your mouth won’t bleed as much during treatment. There’s also a reduced need for sutures after your surgery.

Faster Healing & Recovery Time

Since lasers are more accurate and precise and are less invasive than traditional dental tools, this adds up to a simpler, faster, and more comfortable recovery process after your procedure. Healing times after procedures like deep cleaning are dramatically reduced.

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Flexible Financing

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Keeping Care Accessible

Paying for your dental care shouldn’t be a chore. That’s why we make it easy with a range of payment options, so you can get your smile on the right track.

The Soft-Tissue Laser Therapy Treatment Process

Initial Consultation & Diagnosis

To begin, you’ll need to come in and see your dentist to discuss your oral health and see if soft-tissue laser therapy is right for you. Soft tissue laser therapy is often used to treat gum disease, to take biopsies, to reshape the gums, and for a variety of other purposes.

Treatment With Soft-Tissue Lasers

Next, just come to our office as scheduled for your appointment. Sedation and numbing are usually not needed when using soft-tissue lasers, but may be used for your comfort. Your dentist will follow your surgical plan precisely using our laser tools, ensuring the best results.

Healing & Recovery

After your appointment, you’ll be sent home to rest and recover. Usually, you can get back to your normal routine after just a day or two. However, you should make sure to follow any post-operative instructions provided to you by your dentist.

Kiss Cold Sores Goodbye

If you're dealing with uncomfortable cold or canker sores, we've got you covered. With laser therapy, we can quickly cure cold sores and reduce healing time. Plus, with every treatment, you'll reduce your chances of experiencing recurring cold or canker sores.

IALD Fellow

Dr. Goldsmith is a proud Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry. You can rest easy knowing your smile is in expert hands.

Biolase Epic

Pain-free treatments? Check. Faster healing? Check. No scalpels? You better believe it. The Biolase Epic series of soft-tissue lasers means better care and more comfort for you. From hygiene and whitening treatments to minimally-invasive surgeries, Biolase is the industry standard.

Laser Whitening

Lasers can help speed up and increase the efficacy of teeth whitening procedures, which means less time in the chair for you, and more time to show off your sparkling smile.

Diode Laser

Diode lasers are compact and versatile, and allow us to perform a wide variety of procedures with ease. Whether you’re in need of periodontal care, teeth whitening, or suture-free oral surgery, we’ve got you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is laser dentistry safe?

Absolutely. Dental lasers are approved by the FDA and have been found to be completely safe when used by a trained dentist. Because the laser tool conducts such a precise procedure, there is a smaller chance of bacterial infection. This minimally invasive treatment also causes little to no bleeding for patients. When undergoing laser treatments, your dentist will take precautions to ensure your safety, just as they would with any other treatment. Since laser tools emit a powerful light, they will give you special protective glasses or goggles to shield your eyes. Laser dentistry is safer and more comfortable than many other traditional procedures.

Does laser dentistry hurt?

No! Laser treatments are very comfortable and convenient. Plus, in most cases, you won’t need any anesthesia! Since laser dentistry does not involve physical contact with the tissue of your mouth, numbing agents aren’t usually required for patients. The laser pinpoint causes a cauterizing effect within the tissue, so there is typically very little bleeding after treatment. When patients receive anesthesia, they typically leave the office with that numb feeling still prevalent. With laser dentistry, you are able to go right out to lunch or back to work without that uncomfortable numb sensation following your appointment.

Are laser dental treatments more expensive?

Since laser dentistry is still determined to be an elective treatment, most insurance plans do not cover laser treatments. It’s important to check with your provider to get a better understanding of your coverage and benefits. However, laser dental treatments are fairly comparable to other equivalent treatments, and because you may not need any anesthesia, they may be able to fit comfortably within your budget. The cost of treatment will vary based on your individual needs, so we recommend scheduling a consultation to get a more accurate cost estimate.

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